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During Stampede week in 2010, Calgary was hit by the largest hail storm in Canadian history, with almost four-centimeter-wide hailstones. The powerful hail that dented cars and damaged homes and businesses resulted in about $400 million in insurance claims.

The latest hail storm that hit was Aug. 12, 2012 and it’s been quite a busy few years repairing all the damage. Our temperature fluctuation can be so severe that it causes extreme weather conditions to prevail. Hail is almost becoming expected in the summers of Calgary. If you’ve had a recent roof put on and hail hits again - Call TDC to have someone verify your new roof is holding up – you may only need a few shingles replaced to get it back up to full coverage/ warranty.

At TDC Roofing, our goal is to achieve the maximum value for you in an effective and comprehensive roofing system. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to handle your roofing project with a high standard of dedication and workmanship. We have built our business on reputation of quality, innovation and superior level of service. We will continue to strive to meet our customer’s needs by offering dependable services that are prompt and efficient.