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TDC Roof Inspections & Estimates

At TDC Roofing, we present detailed estimates to our customers.

Be it a commercial, industrial or residential project. Our HAAG certified roof inspectors have seen it all and can give you a detailed explanation of any type of issue from minor roof damage to improper installation problems to the full effects of Mother Nature’s fury. We have a “phone on at all times” policy to answer our past, present and future customer’s questions quickly.

Because we’re committed to excellence in every job we do, TDC Roofing will only quote what work is needed - no up-selling or unnecessary upgrades. All projects are managed by the owner and installed by our certified roofing team. For your peace of mind, TDC Roofing has liability insurance and we stand behind a 10 year installation warranty. In short…if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right!

Assessment / inspection:
By booking a TDC Roofing assessment today, you can make sure your existing roof continues to protect your home or commercial building for years to come. We can plan and assist with maintenance and repairs when problems are noticed, especially if you catch problems early by booking a yearly inspection.

Think of us before you notice curled shingles, skylight leaks, or loose downspouts so we can assess and improve the health and safety of your building before damage happens. For instance, inadequate venting could be the reason for moisture on windows and dark rings on the ceiling could indicate deteriorating shingles.

TDC Roofing HAAG certified roof inspectors can recommend and provide many services such as:
  • Vent repairs and installation
  • Eaves trough, down pipe, soffit and fascia repairs and installation
  • Down pipe relocation
  • Eaves trough cleaning and gutter filter installation
  • Valley repairs and installation

Let us improve and upgrade the curb appeal of your home or building by increasing the height of the ridge cap or removing an old and unsafe chimney. We can improve the aesthetics inside too, as simply as adding a sun tunnel to flood the dark areas with light. Please feel free to call us to request a free assessment.